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So much of your everyday money management can be done quickly and easily with secure Mobile Banking, Online Banking, and automated Phone Banking services. These options are easier than ever to learn and use. Just ask around. It has been reported that as much as 80% of Americans prefer online and mobile banking over visiting a physical location, but that may not always be the best option for you.

We get it. Sometimes, you need more than a quick transaction. Maybe you’re new to digital services, and would like help getting set up. Or maybe you just need a little face time. No problem. You can always visit your preferred location for financial advice, banking financial services, or if you need a little help. We’ve got three ways for you to safely bank interact with a UFCU representative:

  • Drive-thru service
  • Curbside service
  • Lobby appointments

While most UFCU banking can be done remotely, you’ll need to either visit a location in-person, curbside, or using the drive-thru for the following transactions (Keep in mind that many items you might want to pick up could be mailed to you upon request.):

  • Get instant-issue debit cards
  • Get temporary checks
  • Close accounts
  • Get traveler’s notes, cashier’s checks, and money orders
  • Get a vehicle buyer’s check
  • Pick up direct deposit forms and statement copies
  • Manage account signers and beneficiaries
  • Wire funds
  • Get loan documents, medallion stamps, notary services, and form signatures
  • Access the coin counting machine
  • Open new personal or business accounts
  • Access your safe deposit box
  • Meet with Investment Services (You can make an appointment directly with Investment Services to open or close certificates, inquire into IRA accounts, redeem savings bonds.)
  • Make cash withdrawals over $10,000
  • Retrieve loan documents

Please check our Quick Service Guide before you head our way! We have measures in place to keep you and our employees safe. You’ll need to make an appointment for lobby services and double check that someone can help you with your particular needs at your preferred location. Check our locations page to see which locations are convenient and open to serve you. You can make an appointment through our contact form, by emailing Member Services when logged into Online Banking or Mobile banking, or by calling (800) 252-8311.

Don’t Underestimate Your ATM
Everyone knows ATMs are a quick and convenient way to withdraw cash. But did you know you can do more? Many ATMs allow you to check your balances, deposit cash or checks, transfer funds between accounts, pay some bills, and make credit card payments.

Find a fee-free UFCU ATM in the Austin area, Galveston area, or via the Austin ATM Alliance.

Make the most of your valuable time and the resources available to get your banking done, whenever your money is on your mind.

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