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Quick Service Guide

You can perform some banking tasks without ever leaving home through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Phone Banking. Other transactions require a visit to one of our branches. Use this page to find the best way to take care of your financial business.

If you prefer to stop by one of our locations, we encourage all UFCU visitors to wear masks while in our branch lobbies.

Transaction Online Banking Mobile Banking Phone Banking
Account Inquiries Yes Yes Yes
Account or Credit Card Fraud No No Yes
Account Transfers Yes Yes Yes
Bill Pay Yes Yes No
Block/unblock Card Yes Yes * No
Certificates (Open or Close) Yes No No
Check Orders Yes No No
Close Account Yes No No
Credit Card Cash Advance Yes Yes * Yes
Credit Card Limit Increase Yes No No
Credit Card Payments Yes Yes Yes
Deposits No Yes No
Find my Account Number Yes Yes No
Find UFCU Routing Number Yes Yes No
IRA Account Inquiries Yes Yes Yes
Loan Applications Yes No No
Loan Payments Yes Yes Yes
Loan Payments via Non-UFCU Accounts Yes Yes * No
Member Service Inquiries Yes Yes * No
Mobile Banking Password Reset No Yes No
Mortgage Application Yes No No
Mortgage Payments Yes Yes * Yes
Online Banking Password Reset Yes No No
Statement Copies Yes No No
Stop Payment (Check) Yes No Yes
Transfer Funds - My Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Funds - Other Members Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Funds - Other Institutions Yes Yes No
Travel Notes Yes Yes * No

* This feature is available only on the Mobile Banking app released on August 13, 2020.