Give Yourself Some Credit!

You can develop a solid credit history—let us help. UFCU offers a safe pathway to credit-building for beginners or folks who just need to get back on track. We’ll hold an agreed-upon amount in your account. As you make on-time payments toward that amount over a specified period, you’ll build a positive payment history and you may see an improved credit score. Best of all, once you make your final payment, you'll gain access to the total loan amount.

Sound too good to be true? UFCU can help you do it. The steps are simple:

  • Apply for a Credit Builder loan at UFCU. There’s no application fee! Don’t worry about having little to no credit or even poor credit.
  • Decide on a monthly amount that you can afford to pay into your loan account over a 6- to 24-month term.
  • Make your payments on time. Each month, we report your payment to the three major bureaus—a key part of building credit.
  • When the loan term ends, we report your final payment and release the total loan amount in your account to you.

Your credit score could really climb! And afterward, you’ll have the money you have paid in your deposit account* to save or spend as you like.

* Subject to applicable fees and interest. Please see the fee disclosure for more information.


Term (Months) Amount Borrowed APR
6 to 24 $500 - $25003.00%

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates listed are for this product only and are subject to change at any time.

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How to Know if Credit Builder is Right For You

We recommend applying for a Credit Builder loan if you:

  • Have limited, no, or poor credit
  • Have at least $30 left over after paying bills each month to devote to building your credit
  • Can afford to wait 6-24 months to have the borrowed funds available, minus interest (it’s a fixed rate)
  • Don’t have an immediate need for a credit boost—building credit takes time!

If you have negative credit, we also recommend that you make an appointment with a UFCU financial counselor about debt management and strategies to help repair your credit.

Why a Credit Builder Loan?

  • Credit is…the belief lenders have that you can make payments on time. The more confident a lender is that you’ll make your payments, the higher the amounts and the better interest rates they’ll offer.
  • Credit is…based on your history of making payments that are reported to the big credit bureaus. If these bureaus don’t know about you yet, Credit Builder provides a low-risk, budget-friendly way to create a positive credit history over time.
  • Credit is…an investment toward your future needs. You might not be planning to ask a lender for credit right now, but some big purchases—such as a car or a home—may be possible only by borrowing. Even employers and landlords may check your credit.
  • Credit is…within your reach! We’re your reputable partner for taking small actions today so that credit will be available when you need it.

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