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Let's work together on your financial health and security. Visit our one-stop resource page if you need immediate assistance with your finances as a result of COVID-19. We also can help you create a personalized financial plan to achieve your goals and dreams. And because circumstances are constantly changing, we have created a Quick Service Guide with the most up-to-date details about locations and services, so you can quickly discover where and how to get your banking done.

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Partner Up

At UFCU, you’re a partner, not an account number. Do checking accounts the credit union way to take advantage of free features and benefits.

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Drive Down Your Rate

Get 0% interest for 90 days and no title fees when you refinance your auto loan from other lenders at UFCU.*

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*Offer valid through August 31

Fraud During Crisis (contentBlock_336x147)

Shop Online with Confidence

With 100% liability protection on any fraudulent activity, you can enjoy total peace of mind.

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What Is the Shared Branch Network?

Hundreds of credit unions have joined forces to bring you more convenience. Access your accounts and conduct most business at any participating credit union nationwide.

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