We’re Here to Make Change

Imagine a community where everyone has the opportunity to earn a degree, advance their career, or afford a home of their own; a community where we’re all better off because financial health is in reach. At UFCU, we partner with organizations that focus on education, jobs, and housing to make it happen. It’s a change for the better—and that’s the kind of change we’re here to make.

Making an Impact

At UFCU, our products, services, and programs make a positive impact at every opportunity. We work alongside our community partners to improve the lives of all of our neighbors, beyond our Members. We work to achieve measurable goals that everyone can see and feel in our communities, advancing financial health through education, good jobs, home ownership, and a focus on being good community citizens.

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Education: UFCU Provides a Central Place for Student Financial Services

The UFCU Lounge in the Texas One Stop for Student Services opened almost two years ago on the UT campus, but the global pandemic made it difficult to celebrate. In June, UFCU executives, board members, and staff joined UT leaders and campus community members to recognize the official opening of this critical student resource that helps students along their academic and financial journey.

Employment: UFCU Internship Program Fast-Tracks Employment for Graduates

Paid internships provide real-world experience, income, and an improved path to long-term employment. Now in its fourth year, UFCU’s award-winning internship program continues to reduce the time between graduation and employment. In fact, 67% of former UFCU interns have landed a job in one month or less after graduation. That makes an important difference to graduates and our community.

Housing: UFCU Expands Spanish-Language Services

UFCU has long offered Spanish-speaking services, whether you’re visiting a branch or calling in to talk to a representative. Our award-winning lending team is making every effort to put home ownership in reach for every Member, including those who do not claim English as their native language. Specifically, the UFCU Mortgage Services Community Outreach program is dedicated to supporting Members with a language barrier in the Spanish-speaking community.

Making Change in the Community

These inspirational UFCU Members and employees have invested in themselves and their futures.