We’re Here to Make Change

Imagine a community where everyone has the opportunity to earn a degree, advance their career, or afford a home of their own; a community where we’re all better off because financial health is in reach. At UFCU, we partner with organizations that focus on education, jobs, and housing to make it happen. It’s a change for the better—and that’s the kind of change we’re here to make.

Making an Impact

At UFCU, our products, services, and programs make a positive impact at every opportunity. We work alongside our community partners to improve the lives of all of our neighbors, beyond our Members. We work to achieve measurable goals that everyone can see and feel in our communities, advancing financial health through education, good jobs, home ownership, and a focus on being good community citizens.

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Education: UFCU Funds Scholarships While Building School Spirit

UFCU has forged a deep connection between college athletics and scholarship funds at Texas State University, one of many Central Texas universities we serve. With the Score for Scholarships program, when student-athletes in one of our six sponsored sports score points, UFCU donates more scholarship funds back to Texas State students. The funds are distributed by the university and help aid all Texas State students.

Employment: UFCU Interns Build Skills and Strengthen Communities

College students entering the workforce today are facing more challenges than ever. The UFCU Internship program offers paid internships that give college students a head start in the job market. UFCU interns get empowering real-world experience and a view into passionate Member service and a people-first culture.

Housing: UFCU Builds Affordability, One Home at a Time

Home ownership is a key to financial health. That’s why we work with community partners like Austin Habitat for Humanity to lift families up into dream homes they can afford. We just completed our second House That Credit Unions Built in collaboration with six Austin-area credit unions, a project that allowed our employees to work alongside other credit unions as well as the new homeowner.

Making Change in the Community

These inspirational UFCU Members and employees have invested in themselves and their futures.