Building Community Together

Imagine a community where everyone has the opportunity to earn a degree, advance their career, or afford a home of their own; a community where we’re all better off because financial health is in reach. At UFCU, we partner with organizations that focus on education, jobs, and housing to make it happen. It’s all about community.

Making an Impact

At UFCU, our products, services, and programs make a positive impact at every opportunity. We work alongside our community partners to improve the lives of all of our neighbors, beyond our Members. We work to achieve measurable goals that everyone can see and feel in our communities, advancing financial health through education, good jobs, home ownership, and a focus on being good community citizens.

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Education: UFCU and ACC Create $5M Scholarship Fund & Announce Community Pavilion

UFCU’s partnership with ACC has spanned years and helped hundreds of students—including many Latino graduates. Our latest joint venture will have a greater impact than ever on Central Texas higher education: UFCU has committed to funding the UFCU Career Scholars program and will sponsor a new pavilion to host community events near Highland Campus.

Employment: UFCU Joins DECA Alliance in Promoting Economic Equity

“DECA” stands for Diversity and Ethnic Chamber Alliance, but it also stands up for small business owners and workers in minority communities that until now have been left behind as Austin’s prosperity has surged. UFCU is an advocate for economic opportunity and wealth creation at a local level and fully supports DECA’s new plan.

Housing: UFCU's Latino Mortgage Originators Place in Nation’s Top 250

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® named several UFCU loan officers as 2022 Top 250 US Latino Mortgage Originators Awards. This achievement is a reflection of their hard work in making dreams come true. Learn more about this remarkable recognition.

Making Change in the Community

These inspirational UFCU Members, employees, partners, and neighbors have invested in themselves and our communities.