Employee Stories

  • AlexisR_articlethumbnail_250x250

    Walking the Talk

    When Alexis R started at UFCU more than eight years ago, she was overjoyed to find that the organization walks the walk in terms of leaning in to the mission not only when it comes to UFCU Members, but also when it comes employees. 

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  • YasharT-250

    Life-Changing Relationships

    When Yashar T joined the IT Member Systems department at UFCU in 2015, he was looking forward to the innovative and creative aspects of his new job. What he got was that and more, including life-changing relationships.

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  • AmberD_articlethumbnail_250x250

    Finding Her Work Family

    When Amber D moved to Austin and started a new career at UFCU, it was a brave choice. She didn’t know anyone in the city, but was ready for a new adventure. She’s been with the cooperative almost five years now and says she has found her work family.

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  • Evan W

    Building Community

    UFCU helped Evan W turn his passion for biking into a team that raises thousands of dollars every year for the local community. The culture of community is what drew Evan to UFCU, where an open door policy and teamwork benefit both employees and the Members they serve.

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  • JamesB_articlethumbnail_250x250

    Passionate About Helping Others

    James B is a Member who has found employment, passion through service, and even his wife at UFCU. 

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  • melissaa250x250

    Top-Notch Service

    For Melissa A, who celebrated 20 years with UFCU this year, UFCU is like family. Great service, passion for helping others, and a commitment to the membership make it her ideal workplace.

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  • JaimieC_articlethumbnail_250x250

    Success and Happiness

    Jamie C has lived a life of service. After eight years in the US Army, she now focuses her generosity and integrity on the Members of UFCU, who depend on her for financial health services tailored to them.

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