Member Stories

I count UFCU as an extension of my job benefits

When I came to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in October 1994, I needed to open a bank account for my payroll direct deposit. I went to a regular bank first and was given a long list of ridiculous requirements. When I expressed my frustration to a colleague, he told me about UFCU, and I became a Member with a reference, a driver’s license, and a UTMB ID — that was it. UFCU has met all my family's banking needs ever since.

They offer me more personal care and interaction than any traditional bank ever has, and they really value my membership. During a financial crisis, I had to consolidate some of my businesses, and UFCU was the only financial institution willing to work with me. And when I ran into difficulties with my commercial real estate loan, Jill assisted me through one of her colleagues in Austin who rearranged the loan to prevent total default. 

Oyebamiji AI cannot say enough great things about UFCU and all the wonderful staff at our local branch. I have a checking and savings account, as well as a mortgage for my law business in Texas City. Recently, UFCU approved my new auto loan in fewer than two minutes. The manager is always visible and available (I’ve only known three managers in my 20 years with UFCU), and the unique and superior customer-service culture flows through every level of staff.

I will continue to bank with University Federal Credit Union as long as they are around and open. It is a wonderful place.

Member Oyebamiji A
Member since 1994
Services Commercial Real Estate Loan, Auto Loan
Representative Jill K