Member Stories

Business Services

At UFCU, you’re a partner, not an account number. But don’t just take it from us — hear it straight from UFCU Members.
  • Small Business Hits the Big Time

    Even if you love what you do, the business side of a business is always easier with a trusted partner. Learn how UFCU supports local Austin actor and entrepreneur Jordan J and his rapidly growing business.

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  • Flipping the Script on Dessert

    A chance encounter with a half-empty box of pancake mix launched the idea for JP’s Pancake Company. Entrepreneur JP U has trusted UFCU for his financial services since his first days on the Concordia University campus.

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  • Building Community and Finding Success

    Jessie B believes in giving back to her community. She runs a printing, embroidery, and design business in Galveston. Jessie has also created a small business group that gets together weekly to discuss how they can help each other grow. She’s helping to build her community.  

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  • University Federal Credit Union takes care of you to the penny.

    During and after the 2008 financial crash, UFCU has been the most effective, dynamic, and relentlessly helpful to me and my business.

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  • Turning Passion into Business

    Ben S has been playing music professionally for more than 30 years, and now he’s helping to preserve Austin’s authentic music scene.  

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