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UFCU's VISA® Debit Card is your checkbook and ATM card combined!

The UFCU's VISAŽ Check CardYour debit card, also known as a VISA Check Card, works like a personal check and is accepted anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. It doubles as an ATM card for quick access to cash 24/7. It's also free with your UFCU checking account and available immediately.

The UFCU debit card offers:

  • No annual fee or interest charges
  • No transaction fee when used at a UFCU ATM, or for point-of-sale purchases.
  • Minimal $1 fee for use at non-UFCU ATMs
  • Accepted at places that refuse personal checks
  • Transactions are automatically deducted from your UFCU checking account
  • Use it when making purchases in person, by phone or online
  • Eliminates need to carry checks or large cash amounts
  • Verified by VISA

What's the difference between an ATM card and the debit card?

The ATM card allows you to withdraw your funds from your savings or checking account(s) at any ATM. The debit card can be used just like an ATM card but, in addition, you can also use your card anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. However, the debit card is not a credit card. The funds will be drawn directly from your checking account. There is no additional fee or interest charged when you use our debit card.

Get your UFCU debit card.

Stop by any of our financial centers to pick up your debit card today. Or contact us and we can mail or fax you a debit card application.

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