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Paying It Forward

Native Austinite Izzy G can often be spotted at the Texas Rowing Center, kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, or boating on Lake Travis. In addition to natural beauty, Austin also offers plenty of higher education resources. With the help of UFCU, Izzy has taken full advantage of educational opportunities by earning his master’s degree. In turn, he is helping educate others.

“I've always known that UFCU cares for their employees. One of the things that I personally have benefited from is their flexibility and desire to see their employees succeed. Three years ago, I came to UFCU unsure about what I really wanted long-term. I learned that UFCU offered tuition reimbursement. I took advantage of that and was able to complete my MBA. UFCU gave me the flexibility to take those classes while also working full time.

“UFCU not only helped me achieve a master's degree I've been hoping to complete for many, many years, they've also encouraged me to volunteer for different activities in the community, teaching employee groups about financial health and financial education. That has helped me grow, and it’s helping our Members grow as well.

“I am fortunate to speak both Spanish and English. One of the most satisfying and fulfilling things in my job is getting to help Members in our community who don’t have English as their first language. I can explain financial subjects in their language. Sometimes these are people who have never had a bank account in their entire lives. They don't know what a debit card is. I'm lucky enough to be there for them when they're starting their financial journey and just opening an account.

“My journey within UFCU has grown quite a bit since I first started. Shortly after earning my MBA, I went on to help our Real Estate accounting team where I learned a lot, interacted with many new departments, and helped with Member mortgage loans. Shortly after, I became Manager of Accounting Operations where my team and I make sure Member transactions are balanced properly and that Members are credited correctly when they visit ATMs and make deposits through Mobile Banking.

“UFCU has helped me through my personal journey of self-improvement. They have given me the time and the freedom to be able to educate myself, so I can continue to help others. UFCU is a great asset to the Austin community.”

As is so often the case with education, helping one person earn a degree can have a financial impact on the wider community. Izzy G is a great example of this. Much like his experience out on the waters of Lady Bird Lake, Izzy recognizes the ripples that move out beyond even our own expectations when we take the time to invest in every individual. UFCU is proud to have helped Izzy improve his future and together, they continue to help others.

Employee Izzy G
Employee Since 2016
Title Manager of Accounting Operations