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Teaching by Example

Derion J has a voice worth listening to. The Houston native moonlights as a singer and wedding officiant. By day, Derion is a UFCU Consumer Loan Officer. He has come a long way to get to where he is today, and you can learn a lot from listening to him — and people do.

Educating borrowers is a large part of managing consumer loans. Derion has a special qualification when it comes to coaching applicants in improving their credit history: personal experience. Derion knows a thing or two about improving financial health. He says:

“When I started at UFCU, I was fresh out of college with no money or credit score. I had a lot of student-loan debt.When I applied for a teller job at UFCU, they told me my voice was great, and my personality and passion for talking to people made me a better fit for Member Services. So, I started there and since then have moved on to Consumer Lending. I have had three auto loans with UFCU. I use the credit card as my primary card for travel. And I have zero student-loan debt.

“Today, as a consumer loan officer, 80% of my job is literally spent talking on the phone or meeting face to face with Members. As a consumer loan officer, we are originating applications. We explain their stories [to underwriting] and hopefully get them approved so they can take care of their financial needs.

“I love talking to Members, and I love being able to help people make better financial decisions. The financial health I've been able to gain here at UFCU has been invaluable to me in helping me get my own finances in order. It also has empowered me to help the people around me. I’ve been able to share that knowledge with our Members as well as close friends and relatives to positively influence their finances.

“I love that UFCU has empowered me to help my family, friends, and others to make sound financial decisions.”

Employees like Derion are UFCU’s first and best resources in guiding each Member to financial health. Through them, UFCU can provide personalized information and advice to raise financial well-being in our community. For more education resources, check out PlanU, UFCU’s online learning center.

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Employee Derion J
Employee Since 2010
Title Consumer Loan Officer