Employee Stories


Walking the Talk

When Alexis R started at UFCU more than eight years ago, she was overjoyed to find that the organization walks the walk in terms of leaning in to the mission not only when it comes to UFCU Members, but also when it comes employees.

“UFCU is an organization that walks the talk, from its executive staff to its newest employees. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that our mission, “To provide for the well-being of our Members,” encompasses providing for the total well-being of both internal and external membership.

Since I began my employment with UFCU, I have earned a position in the department that I’ve always wanted to work in — one that utilizes my degree and allows me to exercise my passion.

Throughout my employment with UFCU, I have been encouraged to grow both personally and professionally. UFCU has become more than just a workplace. It’s an environment that fosters lasting friendships and impactful mentorships. I appreciate UFCU’s focus on diversity and the importance of a well-rounded work-life balance.”

Employee Alexis R
Employee Since 2012
Title Learning and Development Specialist