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What You Need to Know About Insurance

Read tips from UFCU Insurance Services Manager Cindy Coleman to help you choose the right insurance for you.

Published Oct 8, 2021 | Updated May 8, 2024

At UFCU, we offer the coverage you need from reputable companies known for outstanding claim service. We know that every Member is unique, and your insurance coverage should be individualized to fit your needs throughout every stage of your life. In the event that you have to file a claim, we want you to receive the best support available. Consider these tips from UFCU Insurance Services Manager Cindy Coleman to help you choose the right insurance for you.

Do I need to consult an insurance agent? Can I just buy online?

We recommend you have a good understanding of what kind of insurance you need before you buy it. A licensed agent can help you avoid potentially critical errors in coverage when it comes to protecting your possessions and assets. When buying online, you might run into complications if you have questions or need to file a claim. A licensed agent has been through the process countless times and can provide guidance when you need it.

How do I know I’m buying the right coverage?

There are ways to be certain you’re comfortable and confident with your purchase:

  1. Always consult with a licensed agent and ask questions so you understand what you’re buying.

  2. Read your policies! All insurance policies have limitations when it comes to the maximum payout in the event of a total loss and exclusions for perils that are simply not covered.

  3. Don’t cut corners with coverage. For example, a minimum limit auto policy may cost a few dollars less now but in the event of an accident, it may not be enough to protect you in the worst-case scenario.

  4. Purchase your policies from a reputable carrier. You buy insurance for the claim experience, and you want your experience to be a good one.
For more information about how to insure your auto, home, or property, contact UFCU Insurance Services at (512) 421-8100 or (800) 223-4197.

Why should I choose an independent agent?

Independent agents are not bound to a single company. They have the ability to choose from multiple carriers and they can choose the best company to suit your needs. Rates are constantly changing, and unlike captive agents, an independent agent can switch your carrier if that’s the best coverage option for you. Choice matters.

Do you have any other advice for our Members?

Protecting your wealth is vital to your overall well-being. Most people would not have enough money in their bank accounts to replace their homes, vehicles, or belongings if they were to lose them instantly. Insurance can be a vital solution in response to accidents, natural disasters, or other unforeseen incidents.