Account Alerts

You can sign up to receive account alerts via email or text message from UFCU to stay up-to-date with your accounts, cards, and loans.


Alert Instant Daily Custom
Account Activity Summary — alert each morning with a summary of deposits, withdrawals, and ending balance for the previous day. Yes
Account Balance Change — instant alert should the balance in your account go above or below an amount you set. Yes
Check Cleared — instant alert once a specified check is paid from your account. Yes
Check Stop Payment Expiration — notice sent 10 days prior to and on the day the stop payment expires for a specified check. Yes
Custom Message — a single custom alert you set for a particular date and time. Yes
Electronic Deposit — instant alert each time an electronic deposit (ACH) posts to the selected account. Yes
Withdrawal Notification — instant alert each time a withdrawal posts to the specific account that is greater than the amount you pre-specified. Yes

Credit and Debit Cards

Get instant alerts whenever a purchase is made with your debit or credit cards or when there are changes to your balance or the amount of credit available to you.

Alert Instant
Debit Card Purchases — alert each time a transaction posts to an account or for an amount greater than you specify. Yes
Credit Card Purchases — alert each time a transaction posts to your credit card or for an amount greater than you specify. Yes
Credit Card Available Credit — available credit is below an amount you specify. Yes
Credit Card Balance — balance on your credit card goes above an amount you select. Yes
Credit Card Limit Reached — credit limit has been reached or exceeded. Yes

Additionally, VISA cardholders are eligible for VISA Purchase Alerts.

If you would like to receive alerts for credit cards about payment information or due dates, please see the Loans section below.


Get instant alerts to keep an eye on cash advances, your balance, and loan payments.

Alert Instant Daily Custom
Loan Advance — cash advance on your line of credit or credit card is greater than the amount you specify. Yes
Loan Balance — balance on your loan is above or below the amount you specify. Yes
Loan Payment Applied — payment is applied to your loan. Yes
Loan Payment Due — due date reminder based on the number days prior to your due date you select. Yes
Loan Payment Past Due — reminder that your loan is past due. Yes

To access a list of your current Account Alert subscriptions, destinations, or subscribe to additional Account Alerts, log in to Online Banking or Mobile Banking and complete the following steps:

  1. Select My Accounts » Alerts. (Within our Mobile Banking app, Alerts is on the home screen)
  2. If you have previously setup an alert or destination, skip to step 6.
  3. Read and accept the UFCU Account Alerts Service agreement.
  4. Setup a destination by navigating to the Destinations tab and clicking Add Destination.
  5. Enter your destination information at the prompts, and click Submit.
  6. To add an alert, navigate to the Add Alert tab, and then Select Alert Type.
  7. Enter information at the prompts to customize the alert and click Submit.
  8. Click My Alerts to see a list of all the alerts you have created successfully or Sent Alerts to see a history of alerts sent..

Stay balanced

Use this calculator to reconcile your checking account.

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In your check register mark all checks paid. To the right, list checks outstanding not yet charged to your account.
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