Community Impact | April 24, 2020

Partnering for Prosperity

As a social purpose credit union, we promote greater levels of prosperity through meaningful investments in our community. Goodwill Central Texas helps at-risk individuals find employment. They empower more than 10,000 people annually through education, career training, and employment. A longstanding partner who has been with our credit union for years, Goodwill employees have taken advantage of our financial health program since 2019.

Rachel Hampton seized the opportunity to participate, as a UFCU Member and as director of workforce advancement for Goodwill. She understands that education is key to empowerment.

“We want to bring financial wellness to as many people as we can. We want to impact entire generations, so partnering with UFCU to raise awareness around financial health was easy to say yes to,” she said. Goodwill knows that success requires reliable employment, a stable income at a living wage, and access to many other resources that lead to self-sufficiency.

UFCU works for improved prosperity through meaningful community investments.

Finding Financial Freedom

If you ask Hampton, financial health is really all about freedom: to know your bills will be paid and you can still live the life you want to live. The focus on building resilience through savings is essential.

“From the perspective of trying to increase equity for all, financial health is so important, and it is on a spectrum,” she said. “We all need to understand our finances and take control; we need the empowerment to be successful. This is not just for the vulnerable. Even people who are thriving need guidance. We all need support.”

Finances — The Final Frontier

Hampton also reiterated the need for safe spaces to discuss finances. “We have become more open as a society, but finances are still a private matter,” Hampton noted. “It’s the final frontier! The one-on-one sessions offer a fantastic balance of privacy, compassion, and accountability that helps participants be successful.”

Visit GoodwillCentralTexas.org to learn how you can help empower members of our community.

Rachel Hampton
Director of Workforce Advancement at Goodwill Central Texas
UFCU Member Since 2012