News Releases | March 13, 2017

Gift Cards Discontinued at UFCU

Effective April 15, 2017, University Federal Credit Union will no longer offer the purchase of gift cards.

A significant decline in recent years has led to this decision. UFCU leadership recommends that Members consider alternative forms of gift cards. Many types of gift cards are available from a wide range of grocery and convenience stores, pharmacies, retail outlets, and credit card providers.

We will continue to offer credit and debit cards with the latest chip-enabled technology and 100% liability protection on any fraudulent activity, so you can enjoy total peace of mind. Plus, you can use our debit cards anywhere VISA® is accepted, both domestically and abroad. For more information about the cards we offer, visit UFCU.org.

About UFCU
With $2.5 billion in assets under management, UFCU serves over 217,000 Members in Central Texas and Galveston County with a variety of products, services, and education programs to meet the needs of Members in all phases of life. To learn more about UFCU’s products and services visit UFCU.org.