2021 Annual Membership Meeting

As a Member-owned cooperative, UFCU conducts an annual membership meeting to inform you of the cooperative's condition. During this meeting, we also elect volunteer Members to open seats on the Board of Directors. 

Please watch the recorded April 5, 2021, virtual annual meeting, which includes:

  • Report of the Board of Directors Chairman
  • Report of the Board of Directors Treasurer
  • Report of the Supervisory Committee Chairman
  • Report of the President/CEO 
  • Board of Directors Election Results

Additionally, review the UFCU 2020 Annual Report (PDF), and as always, thank you for your membership and business!

Comments and Answers 

UFCU Members were invited to submit comments or questions to UFCU’s Board of Directors and Management team in conjunction with the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting. Below are the questions we received along with responses where applicable. Thank you for your membership!

Question: Can you please share how members can serve on the UFCU Board of Directors? Can you share the board’s bylaws and information regarding board elections and board terms? What is the current ethnic/racial representation on the board?

Answer: A board-appointed nominated committee comprised of volunteer leaders begins the process of identifying prospective candidates for our board each fall. Prospective candidates are asked to complete applications, following which we conduct credit and background checks before the committee begins its interview process. Committee-recommended candidates are eventually put before our members for consideration and those selected begin their initial term the following April.

The UFCU Bylaws contain further information on Board membership and the election process. The board consists of 11 Members, all of whom must be Members of UFCU. Regular terms of office for directors must be for periods of either two or three years as the board determines.

The racial and ethnic composition of the UFCU Board is representative of both our Membership and the diversity represented in our service areas. Please refer to the Austin and Galveston US Census data information for further details.