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Planning a Trip? Prepare First!

Are you planning to travel over spring break or summer? Consider our checklist of these top five to dos before you hit the road.

  1. Let your card issuer know that you’ll be traveling and when, so they can make a note on your account. Otherwise, your financial institution or credit card company might think legitimate purchases are fraudulent, which could lead to declined transactions or a cancelled card.

  2. Get cash before your trip. Traveler’s checks are no longer necessary for international travel. Instead, use an ATM to withdraw cash ahead of time. Making fewer larger withdrawals instead of numerous smaller ones will help limit transaction fees, as well as the risk of visiting ATMs in an area you’re not familiar with.

  3. Give us a call, or visit your local financial center anytime to chat with a personal financial representative about how to plan ahead for a great vacation.
  4. Consider where you can access cash once you’ve arrived. You can rely on a shared branch location if your destination location has a participating credit union. If there are not any participating shared branch locations, seek out local ATMs or banks to make your withdrawals. Airport ATMs are always an option, but they typically charge less favorable rates and higher fees.

  5. Make sure you carry at least two credit or debit cards from different issuers. If you encounter problems with one, then you will have a backup.

  6. Know how to control your cards quickly and easily. Many financial institutions and credit card companies have card controls you can use to disable your card temporarily, in the event it is lost or stolen. Take the time to make sure you know how these services work and can take advantage of them, should the worst happen.