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Feeling Connected

In the past, Tim chose his banks based on the convenience of the locations, but he never felt connected. Today, he banks at UFCU, and appreciates that he is an important part of something local.

"A friend recommended UFCU when I was searching for a local bank in Austin. I called to ask some questions and spoke with Russell, who was so helpful. I’m used to calling banks and not getting through to a person or being rushed off the phone, but he answered every single one of my questions. That convinced me to go into the North Guadalupe location to set up some accounts.

Tim PThey took care of me quickly and helped me open two accounts and a couple of secured loans. UFCU has continued to provide valuable, personalized service every time I need help. In my first two months, I received a lot of guidance on the best ways to do my banking — things I had no idea about before. I was even able to buy a new motorcycle with a UFCU loan.

In the past, I’ve chosen banks because they were conveniently located, but I’ve never felt connected. I appreciate the fact that UFCU is local, and when I go in, I feel like I’m part of something. My previous banking experiences left me feeling like a walking PIN or transaction fee, but at UFCU, I feel like a valued Member who is connected to a personal banker."

Member Tim P
Member Since 2014
Services Checking, Savings, Credit Card, Motorcycle Loan
Representative Russell S