Respect and Security — Every Time

Both veterans of the US Air Force, Joseph and Kamille were among our first Members to close on a UFCU VA home loan. With help from Mortgage Loan Officer Armando G, they’ve settled into a great house and now spend as much time as possible outdoors and unplugged, target shooting, hiking, or kayaking on the river as a family.

“We were actually in the service at the same time, but never met each other. It's kind of funny. The world's pretty small. Now, we spend a good portion of our time with the children, having a lot of fun. We try to take every Saturday to go kayaking. Our house is full of happiness. 

We got a VA home loan with UFCU and chose to live in a small town. Everybody is friendly and just kind here. It really feels like we fit in. We couldn't be happier. And the team at UFCU did a great job. Even when we had difficulties, it still felt easy. We came out of it feeling really good about it. I can't speak highly enough about Armando and his team. They really did a good job. UFCU is just super convenient, interest rates are good. Everything was just right for us. 

Joseph Kamille (articleimage_250x171)We've had some difficult times: a house fire, a home break-in. The break-in was pretty horrifying. It was probably the worst moment in our lives. And having to relive it over and over again made it even more so. But everybody at UFCU was absolutely amazing. They didn't second-guess us, they just right away got everything closed out, worked with us. And they helped us with late fees because it was a difficult time.

We continually recommend UFCU because of the respect and the security. It's every time. Plus, UFCU recognizes veterans and that's a huge thing for us. For us as veterans, it's difficult to always feel respected and secure when you're using an institution. UFCU provides that. And we appreciate that. We also feel that it makes our life so much easier. We’re proud to be Members of UFCU.”

Members Kamille S and Joseph S
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Representative Armando G

Published: June 22, 2018