Our Impact

Our goal is to positively impact one million lives by 2030. Always focused on financial health, we deliver invaluable products and services to our Members and beyond, and we work with our community partners to advance our goals in higher education, housing affordability, and gainful employment, ultimately touching the lives of more than 388,000* people thus far. Our workforce makes a difference too: UFCU employees are empowered via our DO GOOD program to serve wherever their time, talent, and treasure is needed. Together with our employees and partners, UFCU is carrying out our mission to advance these opportunities to our neighbors and beyond.

Lives Impacted

The Credit Union Difference

The credit union motto is “Not for profit, not for charity, but for service,” and you’ll find it reflected every day at UFCU. Financially healthy credit union Members lead to strong credit unions and thriving communities. Credit unions are unique in the financial world because we share the following special qualities:

  • As not-for-profit cooperatives, our Members own and guide us
  • An elected, volunteer board of directors leads our organization
  • We invest directly in our local community first

A credit union is more than just a financial institution—it’s a partnership designed to offer you a safe place to save and borrow money at reasonable rates. You have an equal vote in electing our leaders, and you benefit equally from our success.

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* Lives impacted totals as of June 30, 2022