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Don’t Underestimate Your ATM

Everyone knows ATMs are a quick and convenient way to withdraw cash. But did you know you can do more? Many ATMs allow you to check your balances, deposit cash or checks, transfer funds between accounts, pay some bills, and make credit card payments.

Your Cash Your Way
When you withdraw cash at a UFCU ATM, you’re not limited to $20 bills. UFCU allows Members to choose to receive their cash in a variety of denominations, including $1, $5, $10, or $20 options.

Whether out and about around town or traveling, you can find an ATM that allows you to access your UFCU accounts. There are over 300 fee-free ATMs in the Austin area, Galveston area, or via the Austin ATM Alliance.

You also can use ATMs that are part of the shared branch network —  a nationwide cooperative of credit unions that offer banking services to each other’s Members. The ATMs at the shared branch network financial institutions will not charge an additional surcharge, but there will be a small fee for using a non-UFCU ATM that is not within the ATM Alliance. Whenever you visit any ATM, keep these safety tips in mind.

Check out our ATM Locations before you head our way to confirm the available services at your preferred branch, including whether the ATM accepts deposits.