Community Impact | April 19, 2021

The House That Credit Unions Built

The COVID-19 pandemic gave new meaning to the importance of a home. More than ever, families needed a place that would provide them the stability they needed in an uncertain world. In the spirit of cooperation that is a shared value among credit unions, UFCU formed a coalition of seven credit unions to help one Austin woman who needed a little extra help to make home ownership a reality.

Kirsten stands in front of her new home.

Kirsten stands on the front porch of her new home.

Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Kirsten K has faced incredible physical challenges and always moved forward with a spirit of optimism. Because she is unable to work full time, Kirsten found she could not afford a home to suit her needs. But with the help of Austin Habitat for Humanity, her dream of owning a safe place to live would come true.

Kirsten’s home would become The House That Credit Unions Built, the first home in the country built by credit unions only. For 12 weeks last fall, employees from across the seven credit unions worked onsite, swinging hammers and digging fence posts while donning masks and hard hats to stay safe on the job.

“Without your help and the help of the wonderful people at Habitat, there is no way I’d be able to afford to keep living in the city I’ve fallen in love with. I know that this year has been one that none of us planned for or imagined, and the fact that you’ve gone forward with helping me realize the dream of having a home despite all of the chaos is amazing. Thank you for the difference you’re making.” —Kirsten K

UFCU is proud to have launched this project, a collaboration that epitomizes our philosophy of “people helping people.” Whether it’s by helping families afford the home of their dreams with an accessible mortgage or working alongside community partners through volunteerism, our mission is to secure the financial health of our Members and our communities.

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