Community Impact | March 4, 2022

UFCU Interns Build Skills and Strengthen Communities

At UFCU, we want college students to feel valued while they work to increase their value to future employers. That’s why we invest in the workforce of tomorrow with the UFCU Internship Program.

Our program offers paid internships that give college students a head start in the job market. We support a variety of disciplines in our program, including finance, information technology, marketing, human resources, organizational development, communications, retail operations, enterprise risk management, community impact, and business development. UFCU interns gain real-world work experience and build a network of mentors and peers, getting them one step closer to gainful employment after graduation. To date, including this summer’s incoming cohort, 55 college students have participated in the UFCU Internship Program.

Our interns get to see how empowering it is to work in an organization with a passion for service and a culture that puts people first. We’ve shown our interns how much we value health by offering remote and hybrid work opportunities. UFCU encourages interns to join us in our community volunteering projects. The 2021 cohort did their first group volunteer project last summer: interns and their managers volunteered together at Central Texas Food Bank to sort and pack food boxes for families in need.

But most of all, our interns get the chance to contribute to a team where they take on responsibilities, collaborate to identify solutions, and see that their voices are heard while also learning to listen to a wide variety of perspectives.

Megan Mills was an Organizational Development Intern with the Summer 2021 cohort. She said, “I learned a lot about my own skillset and gained confidence working in a professional environment. This internship has helped guide my career aspirations and given me skills and experiences to expand my toolbox.”

A paid internship is a unique step in a person’s employment journey, providing the experience that serves as a bridge between education and opportunity. Part of our mission at UFCU to provide opportunities for people to access education and advance their careers, because education and employment are two important pillars of a financially healthy community.

We’re proud to support students on their path to personal success and to see the communities where they live and work grow stronger as more people have the opportunity to earn a degree and advance their career. For when our community is financially strong, we all prosper.

Visit UFCU.org/Careers to learn more.