Community Impact | March 4, 2022

UFCU Funds Scholarships While Building School Spirit

Higher-education students have a special place in UFCU’s heart and our mission. For over 85 years, we have encouraged students to take charge of their finances and their futures.

We reached new creative heights in the 2021-2022 academic year, when we launched a fun, first-of-its-kind program to recognize the hard work of student-athletes and fund scholarship dollars for Texas State University students. With the Score for Scholarship program, when student-athletes in one of our six sponsored sports score points, UFCU donates more scholarship funds back to Texas State students. The funds are distributed by the university and help aid all Texas State students. Scholarships are available to the school’s non-athletes and athletes alike, and recipients are selected by Texas State University.

UFCU has committed to provide funding of up to $100,000, and progress is displayed online throughout the academic year.

“We are thrilled to have this unique opportunity to support the higher education community through the Score for Scholarships program to benefit all Texas State students,” said Tony C. Budet, UFCU CEO. “UFCU is passionate about changing lives and strengthening communities, and education is a key to achieving that.”

Meeting Communities Where They Are

Watch the progress as points scored trigger additional scholarship funds.

The initiative exemplifies UFCU’s practice of partnering with existing sources of community connection, in this case the university’s athletic programs. Because scholarship dollars are unlocked by the school’s own student-athletes, the program gives everyone an extra reason to cheer them on, building more school spirit and deepening the sense of community on campus.

The Score for Scholarships program also raises awareness of UFCU’s existing San Marcos branch location and multiple campus ATMs. UFCU already has a presence on the grounds of Texas State University and provides conveniently located services to students. We are honored to serve students during this academic year and beyond.