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UFCU is like my Cheers.

I've always liked UFCU: the accessible, courteous, and pleasant tellers at the windows and behind the phones, and the helpful folks out front at the Guadalupe branch, which I visited a lot when teaching at McCallum prior to my retirement. However, since moving and switching to the branch in Westlake at the Village, I've enjoyed the banking experience even more.

I'm a small-town Michigan boy who has been in Texas since 1971, living in Houston's East End until '82 and then in Austin’s 78704 until '09: in the bellies of the cities, so to speak. So, to move out of the congestion a bit in November of '09 has been a bit of a return to my roots. And the Village branch of UFCU has been perfect.

Bruce C takes care of his gardenI have enjoyed relationships with each of the employees there, from Chad, when he was manager, to Lourdes at present. I've talked skateboarding, cycling, and banking with Grant, sports with Bleu, books and banking with Jan, life in general with Ashley and Jorge, and so on. It's like my Cheers. I walk in, and we all greet each other and check in.

UFCU Westlake Village offers the most personable banking experience of any financial institution I have ever used. There is that small-town sense of knowing and being known. There is usually time to visit a bit with someone—to check in, so to speak—on what's going on with each other. (Never, of course, to the exclusion of other customers or tasks needing attention.) And, my dog is welcome. How cool is that? She loves making the occasional trip and knows exactly where the dog bones are.

On top of all that, my banking needs are always competently addressed by the staff there (or even anticipated, on a couple of occasions when we were headed out of town). I invariably allow more time than I might ordinarily need at any other place when I need to pop in—because, even if my banking needs are basic, I know we will likely take some time to be friends and neighbors.

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