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Partners Through Every Life Moment

Ariana F has partnered with UFCU through all her big life moments. Together with UFCU, she has financed three cars, benefitted from a flexible credit program, started using digital services, and is now saving for her kids’ future.

“I was in the military, and when it was time to move my account from that credit union, I didn't want to just go to a corporate bank. I wanted to stay with a credit union, and I chose UFCU.

I was new to the whole credit thing and I bought my first car at a higher interest rate, but UFCU helped me refinance it later. I’ve gotten three car loans with UFCU over the years.

Ariana and her daughters share a moment in Mayfield park.Even when my family went through a hardship, UFCU didn’t give up on me. My husband didn't have a job, so I was the sole provider for a while. I lost track of paying my rent on time, but UFCU gave me another option: a credit program that would allow me to make payments until I could get back on my feet. That really helped me: that they would take that much time to help me out. I wasn't just a number; they wanted to see me succeed.

Mobile Banking has made my life so much easier. By the time I get off work, most banks are closed. Back in the day, I remember having to rush to get to the bank whenever I could. But now it’s all online and interactive now.

I’ve even opened accounts for my daughters at UFCU, and it’s so easy to transfer money from my account to theirs. It’s neat that I can save up for them that way.

Ariana and her daughtersI recruit new people to join UFCU all the time! I work at a law firm, and I’ve been able to get all the attorneys on board. I tell them that they should switch over. It's because I'm happy with the service too. I tell them UFCU works for their Members and not for stockholders.”

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