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Phone Verification System

Our Phone Verification System is designed to help you access your accounts however you bank, whenever you want, wherever you are. Whether you want to speak to a representative or use our free, automated system, we make it easier than ever.

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Create Your Phone Verification Code

Your Phone Verification Code eliminates the need for a multi-question verification process, and provides the following options for managing your accounts 24/7:

  • Play It Safe — Create a unique Phone Verification Code that allows you to perform multiple transactions across all of your accounts with only one phone call.

  • You Call the Shots — Need to speak to a Member Services representative, but don’t have time to wait on hold? We understand. Our new automated system will give you the option to have a representative call you back when it’s your turn and you won’t lose your place in line.

  • Hold the Phone — Don’t want to talk to anyone? Handle most everyday financial transactions yourself via the automated system. Check your balance or most recent deposit, check loan payments or past due amounts, make a payment, place a stop pay on a check, or transfer funds to another UFCU account holder.

  • Last Call — Our new integrated support system means you’ll never have to “start over” or call back. When we transfer your call to another representative, even in another department, we’ll make sure they know we’ve already confirmed your identity and pass along your information while we’re at it.

  • Dial Down Your Wait Time — Verify your identity only once per phone call through the automated system, regardless of how many representatives you’d like to speak to.

  • Just What You Need — Our new dynamic phone menu means you only hear the options that are relevant to you and your accounts.

Set up your unique Phone Verification Code for faster phone services and easier access to your UFCU accounts and representatives… however, whenever, wherever you bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What has changed?

    To provide you with the best service, UFCU has implemented a secure Phone Verification System. Anytime you contact us via phone, you will be prompted to enter your Phone Verification Code to confirm your identity, and to allow us to access your UFCU accounts. Using the Phone Verification Code results in a faster, more secure, tailored experience so we can serve you better.

  • Why should I enroll? What’s in it for me?

    By enrolling in our Phone Verification System, you will have faster, more secure access to your accounts or a representative every time you call. Enroll Now

  • Why did you change your verification process?

    We have implemented our Phone Verification System to provide you with reduced wait times, enhanced security, and more efficiency so we can get you talking to the right representative with fewer transfers.

  • Is the new method secure?

    Yes, this is a secure method. It’s similar to you having your own unique PIN for your debit card. Please remember your Phone Verification Code is unique for every Member, regardless of how many accounts you have or if you share an account with another Member. Never share your Phone Verification Code with anyone, not even another Member on your joint account. Your unique code will allow you access to all accounts you have rights to.

  • Will my Phone Verification Code affect my debit card PIN?

    No. Your Phone Verification Code is not the same as your debit card PIN. Your Phone Verification Code is a unique code for use when you contact us by phone. Your current debit card PIN will not change once you are enrolled in our Phone Verification System.

  • What if someone gets my Phone Verification Code?

    If you feel your code has been compromised, please contact us right away. We can help you set up a new code to ensure your security.

  • What if I forgot my Phone Verification Code?

    If you enter your code incorrectly, our Phone Verification System will ask you if you forgot your code. At that time, you can choose to have a new temporary code sent via email or text to allow for a new code to be created. You can also stop by any location or contact us any time to ask for help updating your code.

  • May I give another person my code or authorize them to discuss my account(s)?

    No. Please do not share your code with any other individual.