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Pending Payments

  • + How do I change payment amounts?

    You may edit your payment before the payment date. Once the payment has been debited from your account, it cannot be changed. Any changes will be reflected on the next payment date. 

  • + How do I cancel a payment?
    1. Select Bill Pay » Pending Payments and locate the payment in question.
    2. Select the gear wheel icon next to the payment you want to cancel.
    3. Click Cancel Payment.
    4. Click Yes to confirm.

    Note: As long as a payment is still pending, you can cancel it.

Payment History

Unclaimed Bill Payments

  • + What are stale dated payments and how are they handled?

    A stale dated payment is one that is correctly sent out to a payee, but the check is not cashed. It is our policy to return that money to you in full on the 95th day after the payment is issued if the check is still not cashed. We will also send you a notification with all the payment details so you can contact the payee if necessary.

  • + How do I send a new payment to the payee?

    Simply schedule another payment to the payee using this Bill Pay service. For security reasons, we cannot submit a payment on your behalf.

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