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Planning a Trip? Take Your Credit Union with You

You’ve packed your clothes. You’ve packed your toothbrush. Even your pup is ready to go. There’s one more essential you can pack — your credit union — and it’s as easy as putting your phone in your pocket.

Mobile banking makes it easy to take care of your daily finances wherever you are. So before you head out of town, make sure you’ve downloaded your mobile banking app. And consider taking care of these tasks before you hit the road:

Learn how UFCU Mobile Banking’s CardKeeper® can help you keep your debit and credit cards safe and keep track of your travel notices in the Mobile Banking FAQs.
  1. Get cash at your financial institution’s fee-free ATM, and visit their website to find out if there are any fee-free ATMs at your destination. (Find fee-free UFCU and Alliance ATMs.)
  2. Carry more than one debit card from different issuers. That way, if you have trouble using one on your trip, you will have a backup.
  3. Let your credit card issuer know when you’re traveling and the cities where you’ll likely use your card. Then, they can make a note on your account and not mistake legitimate purchases for fraudulent charges that could affect your ability to use your card.
  4. Write down the toll-free phone number for contacting your financial institution and credit card company, just in case your card is lost or stolen.
  5. Take a quick moment to get to know your mobile banking features so you can easily manage your money on the road. In particular, learn the basics:
    • Check your balance
    • Transfer funds
    • Locate nearby ATMs and financial institutions
    • Manage auto-pay transactions
    • Update travel notices
    • Block use of your debit or credit card
Download the UFCU Mobile Banking app for iPhone or Android to get started with Mobile Banking.

And finally, while we all need to take extra precautions against COVID-19, remember to take several masks, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands often, stay socially distanced from anyone who is not a part of your household, and learn the specific COVID-19 safety regulations for the city or state you are traveling to.

Travel goes smoother when you know you’ve packed everything you need. With mobile banking on your phone, your mask on, and your essentials in your bag, you’re good to go.