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Mobile Banking — Fast, Convenient, and Secure

With mobile banking, you can securely manage your money right from your smartphone or tablet with a quick tap of your finger. While features differ across financial institutions, most mobile banking applications allow you to view account balances, pay bills, deposit checks, transfer funds, get alerts, and find ATMs.

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In today’s world, most of us are rarely without our smartphones. Using Mobile Banking is like having your financial institution in your back pocket. You’ve got 24/7 access to your accounts. It’s convenient, and most transactions can be done quickly. With such easy access, many people check their accounts more frequently, which means they catch any errors or unauthorized activity much earlier than waiting for monthly paper statements. People who check their accounts frequently are also more likely to monitor their spending habits, avoid overdrafts, and stay on top of savings goals.

Most mobile banking apps are designed with safety and security as a top priority. They do not store data on your mobile device, and most have ways to disable the app quickly if necessary. Follow these best practices for safe and secure mobile banking:

  • Download the official mobile banking app from your financial institution.
  • Choose strong, unique passwords.
  • Keep your phone secure. Consider installing and taking advantage of any locking, anti-theft, or remote recovery features.
  • Use private and secure WiFi, a VPN (virtual private network), or your cellular data when mobile banking. Never use unsecured public WiFi.
  • Always log out of your mobile banking app when you’re not using it.

The features available on mobile banking apps are growing. Most financial institutions have training available, often with convenient online videos, so you can learn how to get started and take advantage of the full range of features the apps have to offer.

Convenient, easy, and secure, mobile banking has a lot to offer, and will likely be an even more common banking preference in the years to come.