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Tips for Taking Your Home Office to the Next Level

Now that you’ve traded in the traditional office setting for a more living room-adjacent work environment, you probably know that having a dedicated at-home workspace helps you set clear boundaries between your professional life and your personal life. But as long as you are working from home, why not upgrade that remote workstation into a dream home office that will level up your productivity and your tranquility?

Follow these tips to turn your home office into an amazing work sanctuary guaranteed to make your co-workers jealous.

1. Be a Stand-Up Employee

Stand-up desks aren’t just for trendy software developers anymore. In fact, investing in a stand-up desk can have a ton of positive effects on your physical and mental well being. Standing while working helps you burn more calories, increases your circulation, and can even improve your mood and boost your energy levels throughout the day. Most stand-up desks are adjustable these days too, so you have the flexibility to shift gears between sitting and standing Monday-Friday, 9-5. Oh and don’t worry, you can still attend meetings sporting business casual on top and yoga pants on bottom.

2. Make “Calm” Your New Co-Worker

You don’t have to be a zen master to bring some much needed calm into your at-home workspace. A few basic updates can completely transform the tone of your home office, and make working from home feel a lot less like work. For starters, set up your primary work station near a window if possible to let in some natural light. Surround yourself with colors and textures that make you happy. Soothe your senses with essential oils or some fresh flowers. And if your space allows, create a cozy seating corner separate from your desk under warm lighting — the occasional change of scenery will help you problem-solve like nobody’s business.

3. WFH Like a Tech Wizard

You’ve made your peace with the video conference calls and the virtual happy hours, so if you haven’t already, it might be time to officially embrace technology’s role in your home office. Upgrade your screen real estate from that cramped laptop monitor to the openness of a larger external display. Get some active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones to stay focused while drowning out your neighbor’s Terrier. Boost your internet speed with a Wi-Fi system that has multiple access points (so you can finally avoid those awkward face freeze-ups during meetings). With these techie upgrades, both your productivity and your cool-factor are sure to shoot through the roof.

4. Austin-ize Your Home Office

If your home workspace is a bit lacking in the personality department, then an Austin-inspired reimagination could be just what you need. Savor good vibes all day long with locally crafted artwork and a custom “I love you so much” drink coaster for your coffee. Celebrate local culture and history by hanging up a neon guitar or special edition Stevie Ray vinyl. Give your home office some delightfully quirky Austin attitude with wall-to-wall dinosaur planters (because it’s basic science, you can’t be stressed when you’re surrounded by adorable succulents).

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