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Some Things in Life are Free

Green apples in a bowl

Say you really like apples.

You buy them every week at the grocery store. Then you find out that, with a little research and ongoing care, you can plant an apple tree in your yard. The future payoff? Free apples.

The same goes for buying and building equity in a home. Instead of paying rent every month, you can put down roots and enjoy the future payoff. It’s easy:

  1. Get prequalified for a mortgage loan from UFCU.
  2. Do a little research to find your perfect home.
  3. Sit back, relax, and let your home earn equity (value) over time.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

When you own your home, you enjoy the tax benefits of home ownership, the freedom to renovate and decorate as you please, and potentially create a home where your children will grow up.

And when you decide to sell your home, the equity you’ve earned means you can price your home for more (maybe even a lot more) than you paid—and put money in your pocket (or, better yet, in your savings account).

How do you like them apples?

Take the next step.

Now’s the perfect time to buy, while mortgage rates are still low. Call UFCU at (512) 997-HOME (4663) or (800) 476-8409 for a free mortgage consultation. We’ll help you understand your options and take the next step.

You can also apply online now if you’re ready to get the ball rolling.

We can’t wait to help you begin building your financial future.