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Owning a Home Pays at Tax Time

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You already know that it’s a great time to take advantage of all-time-low mortgage interest rates. It gets even better: when you buy a home, the mortgage interest you do pay is tax-deductible. So are your property taxes. Mortgage insurance can even be a tax deduction, if you qualify.

Which means paying less money for taxes—sometimes a lot less—just by owning a home. It can make tax time feel like an annual reward for your financial smarts. 

Add what you save on taxes annually to the potential increasing equity (or market value) in your home, and you’ve got a recipe for a win-win return on your investment.

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Make your next tax return work harder for you—it’s just one of the great things about being a homeowner! 

*UFCU is not a tax advisor, so please contact a tax advisor for specifics on the above.