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5 Ways to Up the Coziness in Your Home

You can tell when a house has been loved. There’s a feeling of warmth inside and out, a sense that things are cared for and appreciated. What are some practical, easy tips for creating great-feeling spaces and refreshing the ambiance in your home? UFCU has ideas to help you feel like saying “Home Peace Home” the second you walk through your door.

Open the Windows

It sounds simple, but we forget how wonderful it can feel to allow fresh air into our homes. Even if just for 15 minutes, airing out your main living areas and bedrooms brings a renewed sense of openness to your spaces. You might feel that your house feels more inviting. And circulating fresh air brings a general feeling of well-being.


Set a peaceful tone by decorating with plants and flowers. A little trip to your Central Texas garden store can inspire creativity. In addition to the visual appeal of fresh cut flowers, plants like peace lilies purify the air in your home. What’s more, adding color to your space breathes new life into a stale environment. Did you know that you can grow indoor fruit trees? Meyer Lemon is a reasonable size, eye-catching color, has a great aroma, and offers an instant home energy reboot!

Light Scents

Whether you’re looking for greater productivity or more tranquility, certain scents generate refreshing doses of either. Essential oils, candles, and various other types of aromatherapy transform the energy in your home and provide positive pick-me-ups. Your sense of smell influences brain function, and scents like lavender, jasmine, and peppermint revitalize the feel of your home in ways that stimulate and calm depending upon your mood and desire.

Soothing Music

Cultivate good vibes with fresh sounds. Welcome a flow of good energy into your home with happy, uplifting, relaxing background music. A great playlist and a good Bluetooth™ speaker can enhance the feel of your space even when doing chores. Music makes us come alive and takes us to a brighter place. It does the same for our homes.


The right textures and natural elements in a home create a physical illusion of a clean, soft, and serene environment. Colors and textures reminiscent of those found in nature bring comfort and produce restful spaces. Wood furniture, beautiful decorative baskets, woven rugs, or organic cotton bedding provide warmth and coziness. And natural stone can add visual interest as well as intimacy to the feel of a space.

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