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Four Tips for Thrifty Summer Travel

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Although traveling during summer is ideal for many people given most school schedules, it is unfortunately one of the most expensive times of year to travel. Even basic hotel rooms at typical summer locations can cost significantly more than they do during other times of the year. But all is not lost. If you inform yourself and plan ahead, you can still manage to find some pretty good summer vacation deals and get away without breaking the bank. Consider these four tips for traveling this summer.

Go In with Someone
Traveling with friends or family who can split the costs with you is a fun way to visit great destinations without having to pay full price. If you are single, you can bring along a friend or sibling to split the costs of hotel room and go with you to see all the sites. And if you have a family, look into summer vacation packages that would allow you to rent a bigger house with another family. You can spend time with close friends and save money while you’re at it. You can even share responsibilities like trading off cooking each night or babysitting the kids so each couple can get some much needed alone time.

Travel During the Week
Most people travel during the weekend as it can be difficult to take off work during the week. However, if you book travel during the week, you can save a significant amount of money. Search for summer travel deals that leave on weekdays and compare prices. Flights are historically low on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but even if you’re driving, hotel rooms should cost less Sunday night through Thursday night. Friday and Saturday nights are typically the most expensive. Be flexible if you can.

Rent a Place with a Kitchen
One of the biggest ways people spend money on vacation is eating out for every single meal. Instead, try to book a hotel room or house that has at least a small kitchen. Even just two oven burners, a microwave, and a mini fridge can enable you to prepare breakfast and lunch in your room, which could lead to big savings.

Stick to a Budget
Many people get into the mindset that when they’re on vacation they can spend freely. (This is one reason why all-inclusive resorts are so popular.) But just like any other time in your life, you should have a budget. You can bring a certain amount of cash that you want to spend each day or write down what you spend and stop when you get to a certain amount. Knowing your spending limits and having a budget in mind can help you enjoy your vacation without overspending and regretting it later.

Plan Ahead and Enjoy
If you’re one of the lucky ones who can enjoy a get-away during summer, go for it. But keep these tips in mind so you can come home to a budget that’s still in good working condition for the remainder of the year.