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Three Reasons to Choose a Staycation

A staycation offers the luxury of being off of work, without the hassle of having to go anywhere. Read our top three reasons to choose a staycation.

Published Mar 14, 2018 | Updated May 8, 2024

Staycations might not seem as exciting as running off to an exotic island or snow-capped mountain range, but before you write off the idea, consider what you stand to gain. We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite three reasons to choose a staycation. It’s an excellent option, and you might want to give it some serious consideration, particularly if you are budget-conscious, live in or near an interesting city, or just want to prioritize keeping things simple this year.

  1. Save money. It’s no secret that vacation expenses can add up quickly. So saving money makes the obvious top of our list. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has reported that the average family spends over $1,400 every year to travel, and the majority of that expense goes toward transportation. So opting to remove the transportation expense by choosing a staycation can overwhelmingly improve your bottom line. A family of four could easily save thousands of dollars.

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  3. Explore your own backyard. Many of our American cities are brimming with their own history, culture, and charm. And we’re often guilty of not seeing the sites in our very home towns. A staycation is an opportunity to discover your corner of the world. There are likely a few museums, historic markers, locally-owned restaurants, and shops right around the corner. Even if you live in a small town, traveling to the next biggest city to visit an art gallery, have lunch, or take in an afternoon matinee could be a worthwhile experience.

  4. Take it easy. Planning a vacation requires getting organized, buying tickets, making reservations, booking accommodations, packing your bags, and so on. Staycations are a lot simpler because far less planning is required. You could take a class, take a walk, read a book, plant a garden, spend time with your family, or choose to do nothing! It’s completely up to you. And you’re far more likely to return refreshed, which is typically a priority when planning a vacation.

A staycation offers the luxury of being off of work, without the hassle of having to go anywhere. You can take pleasure in being a tourist in your own city, catch up on creative or household projects, and save money all at the same time.