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The Benefits of Online Banking

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One of the most influential inventions in modern society is without a doubt, the internet. The World Wide Web and all of its associated sites, apps, and tools have made a significant impact on the financial industry. These days, you can find apps that help you with just about any financial task. Track your spending. Make withdrawals, deposits, and transfers. Pay your friends. It’s easier than ever to split the check at dinner, thanks to the wonders of digital banking. Here’s our top ten list of reasons to go digital when it comes to banking.

  1. It’s easy. Deciding which tools or apps to rely on could actually be more difficult than downloading and using the tool itself. It’s a competitive market and most online banking tools have become increasingly intuitive and user-friendly. It’s only a matter of time and practice before you’ll be comfortable.  

  2. It’s instant. The days of waiting in line at the bank on payday should be long gone. Why wait to access the money in your checking account if you don’t have to? With online or mobile banking, you can see how much money you have to spend or save at any given moment. When you can see all the activity on your account almost immediately, it's easier to monitor your spending.

  3. It’s affordable. Most financial institutions offer services for banking online at no additional cost. It’s generally just part of their service. You can check your balance, pay your bills, or make deposits and transfers online without incurring fees. Plus you’ll save the cost of envelopes and stamps. And if you set recurring payments, it can drastically lower late fees and penalties for folks who might not have been as timely as they could have been.

  4. It’s wherever you are. Now with the click of a button, you can access all of your balances and banking information right from your computer or device. You never even need to leave your home.

  5. Give us a call, or visit your local branch anytime to chat with a personal financial representative and learn more.

  6. There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mac® person or a PC person, if you prefer iPhone® or Android™*, laptop or tablet. You can access your accounts online from just about any device.

  7. It’s secure. Some people may fear that online banking isn’t safe, but with password protection, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication, online banking is just as secure as accessing your money from a brick and mortar bank. Just use the same basic precautions you’d use with a regular bank account. Be conscientious about your passwords and WiFi access, never share your personal information, user name, or passwords, and be sure to always lock your computer, phone, or device when you walk away from it.

  8. It’s convenient. If you’re still writing checks, you may not realize the time and energy you stand to gain from going digital. Instead of repeatedly paying bills every month, you set up a payment one time and set it to repeat monthly or with another specified frequency.

  9. It’s better for your budget. There are great tools available to help you set savings goals and manage your budget. You can plan ahead for all your regular expenses or for bigger expenses that might come up less frequently, but come up nonetheless.

  10. It’s customizable. You can set alerts that help you with specific areas in your life you need help with. Part security, part money management, setting alerts for online banking can make it easier for you to keep track of everything. You can set alerts for purchases, goals, balances, security, and more. Alerts are a great way to keep you on track and advise you if fraudulent activity is a possibility.

  11. It usually comes with great service. Most of the organizations who offer these kinds of services really prioritize Member satisfaction. So in general, it’s pretty easy to reach out via phone, email, or even online chat to get answers to any questions you might have.

Ultimately, there are many benefits to using online banking tools, and these are just a few. Do some research and try out a few to find the best tools for you. 

* Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.