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Lifetime Membership Is Standard

Did you know that once you become a UFCU Member, you’re a Member for life? Even if graduation or a job change leaves you unconnected to the school, employer, or affiliation that first gave you access to UFCU, you’ll still be a UFCU Member. No matter where life takes you, once you’re part of the UFCU family, we’ll be there for you as your financial partner.

We have locations throughout Central Texas from Round Rock to San Marcos to Galveston County. Even if you move to another part of the country, we have you covered. As part of the National Shared Branch Network, UFCU Members can transact business at participating credit unions across the country. Learn more about shared branch services and locations.*

Access to your credit union extends beyond locations and shared branches. With mobile, online, and phone banking, you have free access to your UFCU accounts anywhere, anytime. Our investment, loan, and insurance services also can be accessed by phone or online.

Life can change, but your connection with UFCU doesn’t have to. No matter where life takes you, count on a lifetime membership with UFCU.

* ATMs at shared branch locations are not fee-free. To locate fee-free non-UFCU ATMs, please visit the ATM Alliance.