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Five Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

Interesting in going on a romantic date but worried about the cost? Here are 5 fun and frugal date ideas.

Published Jan 18, 2017 | Updated May 8, 2024
5 Fun and Frugal Date Ideas

It can be challenging to keep your budget in mind when what you really want to do is show your other half how much you love and appreciate them. However, if you want a date night with your partner that won’t bust your budget, here are five fun and frugal date ideas that you and your partner are sure to enjoy. Consider these relatively cheap gift ideas, just in time for Valentine’s day.

Before you decide how much you can afford to spend on date night, use this savings calculator to determine how much you should be saving every month.

1. Stay In

One idea to help you save money on date night is to actually have a date night at home. Put the kids to bed early or plan a sleepover for them elsewhere and spend some time cooking a new or exotic recipe together. Then you can enjoy your creation with a glass of wine, some candlelight, and a great movie. You save money because you cook and eat at home and you don’t have to hire a babysitter.

2. Use a Coupon or Deal to Dine Out

If you don’t dine out regularly, a meal out can be a nice treat. However dining out can be expensive. One way to have a nice meal out is to look for coupons or deals you can use at your favorite restaurant. Sometimes there are different specials available on weekdays than there are on the weekends so be flexible about when you go.

3. Have a Picnic

A picnic might be the best of both worlds, if you can plan ahead a little. You can get out of the house but you don’t have to spend too much money. If it’s a nice day outside, pack a picnic lunch or dinner. You can take sandwiches, fruit, and even a dessert in a picnic basket, drive to a local park, and enjoy the simplicity of being together.

4. Take a Class Together

Another fun way to enjoy time with your partner is to take a class and learn something new together. For example, you might try a cooking class and use what you learn to create more meals at home in the future. You could take a pottery or painting class and make a unique piece of art that you use to decorate your home for years to come. If you’re the adventurous type, you could try skydiving or bungee jumping! The options are limitless. Just remember to find something that interests both partners.

5. Go on a Day Date

Instead of spending the evening together, another option is go to on a day date, especially if you have school-age children. Take the day off and grab a movie at the dollar theater, visit a free museum, have lunch, or enjoy an afternoon coffee together. If you live near a big city, drive in for the day, go window shopping, or explore the tourist sites.

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to go on a frugal date with your partner without breaking the bank. If you can be creative, focus on the simple pleasures, and remember to consider yourself and your partner, you’ll be well on your way to spending time together while still supporting your financial objectives.