Three Simple Plans

Debt Cancellation is available with single or joint coverage as follows:

Plan Options Protection Monthly rate per $1,000 of loan balance
Premier Plan Death: cancels loan balance
Disability: cancels loan balance
Involuntary Unemployment: cancels 3 payments
$2.21 Single / $3.98 Joint
Value Plus Death: cancels loan balance
Disability: cancels loan balance
$1.03 Single / $1.80 Joint
Value Death: cancels loan balance $0.54 Single / $0.89 Joint
Benefit Maximums: Death protection cancels a maximum of $100,000. Disability and Involuntary Unemployment monthly cancellations are limited to $1,250 per month. Involuntary Unemployment is limited to $15,000 (12 monthly payments) over the term of the loan and $3,750 per each occurrence (3 monthly payments).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Maximum age is 70; protection terminates at age 71 for all plans
  • Qualifying health restrictions apply for all plans
  • To apply for Premier and Value Plus plans, you must work at least 24 hours per week
  • To apply for Premier plan, you must not be self-employed, and you must not have received unemployment benefits within the past two years

Contact us for the full Debt Cancellation agreement at (800) 252-8311

Effective as of July 1, 2019

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