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Dream It, Achieve It

Several years ago, Stacie C went through a tough divorce. Her credit score was devastated, her car was repossessed, and she was in serious need of a vehicle. Stacie decided she had to get back on financial track. She went to UFCU with a lot of questions and little hope, but soon discovered that it is indeed possible to see real results in a short time.

Stacie visits our North Guadalupe location.“I went in to UFCU to ask some questions about how to get on an upswing in the credit game, figuring it would take me years to fix. And Daniel answered every one of them with thorough answers that made the entire picture look a lot more promising and a lot less scary.

He helped me apply for an auto loan. I was approved for a loan, and I knew my credit score was low so I needed to work to improve it. Daniel advised me to take six months to make payments, improve my credit score, and then ask to refinance.

He gave me a list of tips I could put into action to actually see a positive change in my credit score. I tacked it to my ‘finance wall’ and looked at it every month when I paid my bills, so I could apply money to the places that would get me results, and in six months, my score went up 81 points! I came back to UFCU to refinance my car and got a much better interest rate.

Now, I am finally moving in the right direction, and I have never been so excited about dealing with my credit and finances. Daniel showed me that, with knowledge and understanding, it’s possible to fix your financial life and see real results in a short time. Now I am even more motivated to get my credit cleaned up and in a great place!

UFCU doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself for needing financial help or having to ask about things. They told me in plain English what everything meant. Daniel told me something that I have repeated, tweeted, and posted on Facebook: ‘Those who know about interest will earn it, and those who don’t will pay it.’

UFCU helped me get where I needed to be financially. I’ve become better educated, and it has given me what I like to call a love deposit in my heart. I like having a way to achieve my dreams. I did start late in the financial game, but now that I understand things better, I can see that it’s not going to take me forever to fix it. There’s still a lot of time for me to do some wonderful things.”

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