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Lifelong Learning and Membership

Robyn S joined UFCU after her grandfather, a retired entrepreneur and long-time business owner, took the time to explain the difference between credit unions and banks. As a teacher herself, Robyn appreciates the time they take at UFCU to make sure Members are educated and informed.

Robyn S“My grandfather is a retired entrepreneur and long-time business owner. I was complaining to him one day about how dissatisfied I was with my financial institution at the time, and he explained the difference between credit unions and banks. He believes that people who are financially sound choose to bank with credit unions because of the genuine service. The friends I knew who banked with UFCU were happy with their service. When I went in to speak with a representative, they sat with me for an hour and explained everything. I was so grateful for that. I opened checking and savings accounts, a credit card (with balance transfer), and applied for an auto loan.

My parents enjoyed living sort of ‘off the grid’ when I was growing up, so I didn't really learn about finance or investments. I love that UFCU offers its Members free seminars on everything from mortgages to retirement, so we can stay informed about our financial decisions.

When my credit was upgraded to an excellent rating, a UFCU representative called to notify and congratulate me! If that isn't great service and dedication to ongoing education, I don't know what is! I’ll never leave UFCU. Consider me a lifelong Member!”

Member Robyn S
Member Since 2012
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