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UFCU is a partner in my financial journey.

I've been a member of UFCU since I graduated from high school in 2005. I've enjoyed so many services here, including my first checking account, credit card, car loan, and line of credit. UFCU has been with me all along my financial journey as a young adult.

When I got married, it only made sense to continue our membership with UFCU by opening a joint account. Over the years we've enjoyed great service and flexibility. Anytime we need something, I've found the team at UFCU to be accommodating. Now that we have a new baby, we're excited to start exploring options with UFCU for her future.

Rachel S shares her positive experiences with UFCU.In the past year alone, UFCU has helped us explore options to build my husband's credit by expanding our line of credit, build equity in our home with a loan for improvements and repairs, and got an auto loan on a family car from a private seller, with guidance all along the way. I also have a small full-service floral design business and enjoy using UFCU with my business partner. It has been fun to introduce the benefits of working with a credit union to my friends and family.

The loan process at UFCU is very easy—I applied online, and was approved the next day. UFCU has always been super flexible to work with, especially with our auto loans. Our second auto loan didn’t meet certain qualifications, so we went to a different credit union, and the lady working there ended up referring me back to UFCU!

As a college student, I worked for a small credit union and can't say enough good things about creating a relationship with a smaller institution. Our long-term relationship with UFCU has afforded us so many options to get great rates when other institutions may have told us no. We're so glad to have UFCU! 

Member Rachel S
Member Since 2005
Services Checking, Credit Card, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Business Account