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Finding Creativity, Balance, and Life’s Treasures

Patty K has a career, her art, and a new granddaughter. How does she balance it all? Not by sleeping late! Patty plans to work well into her later years to meet her financial goals, and she’s optimistic. A new Rav4, financial counseling, and Online Banking is how she’ll get there.

“I do a lot of large paintings. So I needed an SUV that I could haul all my art supplies around in: big screens that I use for walls, easels, large paintings. I turned to UFCU for an auto loan and got a Toyota Rav4. It's been a really good car. I love it!

Patty KI've only been painting for 7 years, but prior to that, I was a photographer. All sorts of things inspire me. I've always dabbled in art, but I just decided to paint one day and loved it. Now I touch my artwork every day. I'm one of those lucky people that only needs four hours of sleep, so I wake up by 4 AM every morning, do a little housework, work on my art, go to work, come home, do a little more housework, and then work on my art until I drop. And when I’m not working or painting, I’ve got a beautiful new granddaughter. I'm thrilled. There's just so much love for her in my heart. I imagine she’ll be an artist herself one day, maybe when I’m in my 80s.

I’ll probably work until I'm 80. My goals are to establish myself as an artist, work hard, and save. I’ve started late preparing for the future, so along with having to remain very healthy, I need to get my finances in a healthier position too. I'm thinking perhaps with the help of UFCU, I can grow my financial treasure box a little more. I feel safe with them, and I think UFCU can help me maintain a balanced life.”

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