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Education, Connection, and Community

Nora C joined UFCU when she was an employee and student at the University of Texas at Austin™ in 1968. Still a Member 50 years later, Nora is an educator on the Austin Community College Board of Trustees and a founder of Las Comadres Para Las Americas. She describes herself as curious person who loves to learn, and does as much as she can to improve connections across our communities.

“Back when I joined UFCU, Austin was a small college town. There was no traffic. There were cows alongside the road. Today, all these years later, I work with students, focus on knowledge, and try to find out what it takes to make it possible for someone to be successful in whatever they want to do. I try to remind people how important continuing education is. Education is not just about today. It's forever.

I like to be out in front of people talking about their lives and their continued learning, how they can improve their lives with higher or continuing education. That's what I want to do: build our community, build our network. We all do it together.

Las Comadres is an organization that started here in Austin in 2000. We have had up to 20,000 members in 100 cities. Through Las Comadres, we wanted to find ways to promote education, create connections, and build community. Back then, there were very few Latinos and Latinas in visible positions. So I wanted to open doors. You know, when you don't see anyone who looks like you, you wonder why. So I made it my business to open as many doors as I could, not only for Latinos but for anyone who didn’t have broad social networks. We built Las Comadres on local community so that there are more connections and support systems among the members.

Perhaps like UFCU, I have been successful at helping other people thrive. We help people find education, jobs, scholarships, opportunities. Las Comadres now has an international book club. We’ve promoted Latina authors. We’ve helped prepare candidates when there were no Latinos in office. We’ve even created a garden club.

I joined UFCU back in 1968, going on 50 years! I've always been very well treated and I love their services. They’ve helped me manage my money very well. And every time I have a question, they take care of it. Maybe it’s their focus on education that especially resonates with me. I’ve gone to their workshops and seminars. I’ve learned more about investments and opportunities for investment. I've been extremely satisfied with UFCU. I’m a happy Member. ”

Name Nora C
Member Since 1968
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