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UFCU made my transition from another credit union simple, fast, and easy

My relationship with UFCU began when I needed someone to finance my automobile in January 2014. I was with a credit union already, but since my credit score wasn’t all that good, they wanted me to put down additional money to finance the car I wanted. At that point, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Geneva by a friend.

From day one, she has been superb. I had never heard of UFCU at the time, and I wasn’t sure about the hassle of switching to a new financial institution. Geneva assured me that the process was simple, easy, and fast, and that is just what it was.

Misty CShe assisted me with any and all questions I had as I began to apply for the auto loan and opened my new checking account. She was very detailed with everything, keeping me posted on the status of my loan application and advising me step-by-step about what needed to occur in order to get the process completed.

UFCU loan officers received my auto loan application, and I had an approval and a brand-new car within 24 hours. Geneva’s diligence made my transition from one credit union to another simple and easy. Since then, my credit score has increased, and with Geneva’s help, I am learning how to continue to increase my score.

I am glad to have had the pleasure of meeting Geneva and becoming a member of UFCU, because nothing but good has come out of the relationship. I look forward to many more years as a member.

Member Misty C
Member since 2014
Services Checking, Savings, Auto Loan
Representative Geneva C