Member Stories

A Mom-and-Pop Shop, on a Larger Scale

Michael and Elizabeth joined UFCU in 1965, when they came to The University of Texas at Austin™. Now Members for more than 50 years, they’ve grown from young UT students to seasoned credit union Members, and they’ve witnessed the growth of their credit union too.

Michael S (250x171)“When we first joined the credit union, the people were so nice and seemed like friends or even family, and we still get that feeling today. In all these years, UFCU has never deviated from its mission of serving Members. Representatives will recognize us and come out of their offices to greet us when we visit our branch. It’s just extremely uncommon to find that.

UFCU offers everything we need, and they’ve helped us grow. When we got married 50 years ago, we didn’t have any money, and we were just trying to scrape by. Since then, our UFCU representatives have helped us to plan for our future, finance several cars, get a safety deposit box… We even financed a horse! Technically speaking, UFCU said they didn’t finance horses, but they decided to classify it as a home improvement loan. So we got a loan for that!

When we hear people say they need an auto loan, we tell them to go to UFCU. After we financed a car through a dealership several years ago to get an additional rebate, we refinanced it through UFCU because of our trust in them.

UFCU has supplied the answers to everything we’ve needed as we’ve grown over the years. It’s a place where we really enjoy doing business — like an old mom-and-pop place, but on a much bigger scale.”

Name Michael & Elizabeth S
Members Since 1965
Services Money Market, Auto Loan, Plus Checking, Credit Card
Representatives Mark S and James B