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UFCU never makes me feel like it’s all about numbers.

I first learned about UFCU when they came to benefits fair at the Shriner’s Hospital, where I’m a surgical technician. I had moved back to Galveston to take care of my parents. UFCU helped me to reestablish myself. I now have checking and savings accounts, two auto loans, and a credit card with UFCU.

When I was shopping for my first car, Geneva was very helpful. She gave me the Wheels 101 materials and explained the process to me, step-by-step. When I found deals, I would send them to her, and she would say, “Mr. Pena, that is not the best deal,” and tell me to keep looking. She was always right.

Michael PGeneva even noticed that I had had knee surgery and mentioned that I could have disability insurance on my auto loans. She helped me to fill out the paperwork, and I received some money back. She also helped me with my second auto loan, when I needed a smaller vehicle because of my knee injury. I feel very comfortable with Geneva and trust her to always tell me the truth.

It makes a difference to be a part of an organization that focuses on people, instead of money, and that’s what I like about UFCU. I work for a non-profit hospital, and I enjoy working and being part of a great team. But my day starts at 4:30am, and I don’t get home until 10pm because of work and knee rehabilitation. UFCU representatives are always very nice and helpful, and they take time to explain things to me. I tell all my friends about UFCU.

Member Michael P
Member since 2010
Services Checking, Savings, Auto Loans, Credit Card
Representative Geneva C