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Entrepreneurship and Enchiladas

Rosa and Aurelio T have the highest standards when it comes to cooking up delicious Mexican food. Since opening Mi Madre’s Restaurant in East Austin in 1990, the couple has insisted on using only the best ingredients to produce excellent meals for generations of Austinites.

“Mr. T and Mama T,” as they are known to their regular customers, took the same care when selecting a banking partner. UFCU has helped them grow their business since 1999 and shares their values of excellence and service. Their story is the kind we are proud to support. Aurelio started the restaurant at age 41 with $200 in his pocket. The first year they were in business, he was the cook and Rosa was the cashier, and both were learning English.

Given their humble beginnings, Aurelio appreciates that all UFCU Members consistently get the same top level of attention.

“The credit union treats everybody the same. That’s how we do business, the same way. For me, it’s just one standard.

“That’s why I conduct my business with the credit union — because they never lower their standards. They raise their standards to meet the demand and also to make sure that we feel comfortable. We do the same, and that’s why we have been here for more than 33 years.

“When we started going to UFCU for the first time, they didn't know us. They took care of us, and it felt like it was not only because it is their business, but because we felt like family to them. We do the same. I sit down with customers, talk to them, and meet them. They have too many things going on in their lives, but if I take five seconds to greet you, you remember that day. And that's how I got my business going.”

Rosa agrees. “We’ve received nothing but great service, great attitude every time that we stop at UFCU,” she says. “They always explain things to you, and they have time for you. For me, that’s everything.” It’s this kind of relationship that helps sustain some of the best things about Austin — including delicioso Tex-Mex.

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